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Ryan Stimmler

The Man Behind the Curtain

Ryan Stimmler is the website wizard at Red Orange Design. He lives in a world of code, where web developers and programmers turn problems into solutions. They make the magic happen.


As the Senior Web Programmer on the team, Ryan provides creative solutions that implement technology to meet clients’ needs. He’s the WordPress genius and database guru. He codes websites, builds frameworks and writes applications. While the rest of the team creates impressive designs, Ryan makes sure they work well on the web.


If you stop by our studio, you’ll likely find Ryan with his head buried in a computer screen. Please don’t be offended if he doesn’t look up from his CSS and his HTML, he’s probably on a mission to solve a problem nobody else understands!


Your Problem is His Problem

Ryan excels at solving problems for clients. He has the analytical skills to dig deep into the depths of Computer World and make the impossible become possible. And he has the perseverance to stick with a challenge until he’s found a solution. Clients love that he typically provides alternate solutions – and he’s willing to share detailed explanations of the process (if you really want to know!).


Ryan discovered programming in high school and has continued to add to his skills and knowledge ever since. He takes pride in his work and is committed to making clients look good.


Your Website Needs a Handyman

Having Ryan on your team is like having a Mr. Fix-It for your website. Just like a house, your website needs a little loving care. Sometimes things go a little wonky, sometimes you have a problem with bugs, and sometimes it’s time for a new look. No matter what you have in mind, Ryan has the technical skills to get the site working well.