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My 10th Year as a CreateAthon at VCU mentor

CreateAthon@VCU is a volunteer program that gives students the opportunity to use their creative talents to help fulfill the marketing needs of non-profits in the Richmond community.

Teams of VCU students and professionals from the community acting as mentors work with local non-profits to gain perspective on their marketing problems and provide lasting communication solutions to improve the organizations’ impact.

I have been a professional mentor with CreateAthon at VCU for 10 years. When I began, the founder of the program Peyton Rowe acknowledged the way that I encouraged and helped students figure out solutions when they were tired and frustrated. The way I treated that first group of students led to my first opportunity to teach at VCU.

The way I treated that first group is how I treat all of my student mentees at CreateAthon and how I treat students in my classroom at VCU. The most important part of all of that is – how I work with students = how I treat my clients.

The first CreateAthon onCampus event was held in 2007-2008 at VCU. Since then, CreateAthon @VCU has mobilized over 700 volunteers to serve 90+ Richmond non-profits, generating work valued over $1.6 million. VCU has passed along its CreateAthon knowledge to 8 other colleges and universities that have successfully held their own CreateAthon events in their communities.

CreateAthon is now a 501(c)3 whose mission is to champion effective non-profit marketing through pro bono marathons. CreateAthon is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. Peyton Rowe is the Executive Director. Support CreateAthon here!