André Johnson

Creative Director

Red Orange Studio | Andre Johnson, Creative Director

One of the Lucky Ones
If you’ve ever met someone who is passionate about what they do, then you understand what it’s like to work with André. He considers himself one of the lucky ones because he gets to do what he loves every day. And for the record, we consider ourselves lucky that he chooses to do that work at Red Orange!

Andre’s presence elevates the energy of our studio. He has a knack for seeing things for what they can be — not just what they are. This allows him to go beyond the goals of the project to unlock the team’s greatest potential. One of the things he loves most about his work is giving the client confidence and enthusiasm about the product they created together.

A natural mentor, André gives his coworkers opportunities to grow and shine. As Creative Director, he leads the design team, helping them develop new skills and hone our processes so we can create greater impact.

Creating Space for Imagination
André creates art and apparel under the brand name Junious, which is his middle name passed down from his grandfather. What began as a creative outlet had developed into a brand with a signature style of crisp brush strokes balanced by negative space.  Junious is Andre’s space to create art freely without pressure to appeal to the norm. It has become one of his most significant personal accomplishments.

Fun Facts That Might Embarrass André
An only child from Oklahoma City, OK, André is a former football player whose claim to fame is an appearance on HGTV’s House Hunters. He says he can be shy at times, but we don’t see it. In fact, when he was younger, Andre enjoyed writing rhymes and raps. If you’re curious, he’s not afraid to showcase his musical talent upon request!