Beth Hickman

Account Manager

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She “Gets It” Because She’s “Been There”
Some might call Beth a “Jill of all trades” because her professional background has taken several twists and turns, but they have all provided a depth of knowledge that support her current role as an Account Manager. She can relate to many of our clients because she’s been in their shoes at one point or another.

Beth’s professional journey began in Real Estate in a project management role. She then moved to MBA Admissions in the higher education arena, where she led content creation and application management for more than 5,000 applicants along with supportive roles in recruiting and communication strategy. More recently, she served as a communication consultant for a large healthcare organization – making sense of the abundance of acronyms and clinical terms that dominate the industry. Beth often attributes her capstone project developing a communication plan for a growing nonprofit during her master’s at Georgetown University as the catalyst for her professional path, because it helped her appreciate the impact creative communication, storytelling and design all have in supporting a company or organization.

A People Person with an Eye for the Details
The first thing you notice about Beth is her infectious smile. A native New Yorker, Beth is a people person – enjoying the relationships and forming partnerships to support her clients every step of the way. She thrives on digging into the details to ensure she can see the whole picture. Because she has been on both the for-profit and nonprofit side of business, she appreciates the nuances each industry holds. This knowledge equips her with the ability to get to know her clients quickly and develop a plan to help them reach their goals.

Attempting that Work/Life Balance Thing
When she isn’t balancing several projects at work, Beth is attempting to balance a busy household with three young kids. Whether she is connecting with family out-of-town, trying out a new restaurant in her area or exploring the many beaches and mountains of Virginia, she loves to go on new adventures as long as she has a coffee in hand!