Kristy May

Art Director

Red Orange Studio | Kristy May
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Working Together for the Best Solution
As Art Director of the Red Orange team, Kristy takes a collaborative approach to all of her projects. She is genuinely interested in the success of her clients and it shows in the way she works. Kristy takes the time to get to know her clients and the work they do, so she can better understand their needs. And she thoughtfully explains how design can support her clients’ goals so they are comfortable and confident in their decisions. She also consults with other designers to bring fresh perspectives to each.

Using her Gifts to Bless Others
Kristy is grateful for the opportunity to use her God-given talents to serve others. Her hope is that her creative solutions will help to elevate clients within their own industries.

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Kristy holds a BFA in Graphic Design. She has more than 15 years of experience providing design solutions with an emphasis on high-end marketing materials in the financial industry.

Simple Success
While the world is busy and hectic, Kristy prioritizes an unscheduled life to allow for quality time with her husband, breakfast with a friend, exploring the outdoors, and trying new recipes. She is whole-heartedly committed to making a difference in this world by caring for one person at a time.