Lauren Lawson

Digital Strategist and Account Manager

Red Orange Studio | Lauren Lawson, Digital Strategist Account Manager
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Dotting the I’s and Crossing the T’s
We all appreciate great creative, but we couldn’t get our jobs done well if Lauren were not here to pay attention to the details. She has a gift for staying on top of tasks and making sure the whole team is aligned on goals and deadlines. You’ll find Lauren doing her best work anywhere that creative vision intersects with action steps. Her clients call her the glue that holds the team together.

Live, Learn, Grow
A lifelong learner, Lauren is constantly seeking new challenges and developing new skills. Her roots are in communications with a bachelor’s degree from Norfolk State University. While working as a digital account coordinator at NBC12, she decided to take on a new challenge and earned her master’s degree in digital innovation marketing from Temple University. Now she’s paying it forward as an adjunct professor at VCU teaching advertising and promotion. With each new chapter of her learning journey, Lauren adds value and creates impact for her clients.

She’s Singing Again!
When you first meet Lauren, you may notice she’s a great listener. She has a knack for observing and truly understanding the needs and perspectives of others. But once you get to know her —  you’ll discover that Lauren is constantly bursting with song. You may even catch her doing her famous Shoulder Shimmy on a Zoom call. We guarantee you’re going to want to shimmy right back!