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Steve Velasco

Steve Velasco, Web Developer
The Digital Renaissance Man

Any project related to website coding and design customization is a perfect job for Steve Velasco, Red Orange’s devoted web developer. Since Steve joined the Red Orange team, he has proven himself a welcoming, genuine team member with extensive skills to boot. A speaker of five languages with experience in IT, web development, graphic design, photography, videography and teaching, Steve is well equipped and ready to persevere through any project that comes his way.


From World Traveling to Richmond Living

A graduate of both STI College and Liceo De Cagayan University in Cagayan De Oro, Philippines, Steve has an educational background in information technology, health sciences, leadership and digital communication. He committed himself early on to contributing his skills to underprivileged communities. As a part of nonprofit work he did for several years in Cambodia, he was the founder and director of informational computer classes for impoverished Cambodian youth, equipping them with skills for profitable futures. Steve’s work exemplifies his commitment to making a positive difference and is evident in his mission to see every client succeed.


Giving, Growing, Gratitude

Though Steve’s job revolves around the computer, he admits he still has an adventurer’s heart with a love for rock climbing and white water rafting. While he’s away from the keyboard, you can find Steve spending time with the ones who inspire him to live every day as gratefully as the last: his wife and three young children.