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Venus Bolton

Project Manager
Venus Bolton, Project Manager at Red Orange Studio
The Goddess of Communication

We are so fortunate to have Venus, the Goddess of Communication, on our side. Venus has years of experience managing people, processes and projects. With a passion for people and a desire to connect and support others, Venus helps the business run smoothly and keeps projects in motion so we meet deadlines. She’s a serial proofreader and a stickler for details; her meticulous nature helps the rest of us look good. Clients always mention how helpful, responsive and organized Venus is – and we couldn’t agree more.


Making a Difference for YOUR Business

While Venus is on our payroll, she actually works hard for you. Her priority is making sure clients are happy. But Venus goes way beyond customer service – she is an integral part of interfacing with our clients with a mission to leverage the client/design team partnership for success on every project.


Venus has a heart for service and a long history of making a difference in the lives and businesses of the Richmond community. With over 15 years of experience, she’s partnered with countless community groups, corporations and small businesses. Her work includes volunteerism and advocacy in the areas of children’s health, caregiving and outreach services. She enjoys being part of every client’s team and helping them achieve their goals.


No Problems – Only Solutions

Venus comes to work each day armed with a smile and a positive attitude. When things don’t go exactly as planned, she doesn’t waste time overanalyzing the drawbacks; she works to find solutions and remedy the situation. Her training as a competitive athlete taught her how to dig deep, stay focused and follow through. While individual talent is important, Venus believes the power of a team pulling together to garner collective success is unrivaled.


A mother of four, Venus is no stranger to days filled facing challenges, distractions or being pulled in many directions. Fortunately, for all of us, she handles them with professionalism, character and poise.