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And the Intern Award goes to…


Kenzie McNeilly!

She’s an outstanding VCU Graphic Design major who will be graduating in May 2014. Kenzie’s been a vital part of our team this year. We love her resilience and dependability – she started the position as an unpaid 3rd intern, but gradually moved up to a paid go-to intern gal (we give humble stipends to our hard-working interns).

What’s your favorite part about working with Red Orange?

I have loved working at Red Orange and have really enjoyed learning from Susie & Jolinda. My favorite part is the teamwork that happens when we are working on a project for a client. Susie & Jolinda are always willing to give great feedback and they take the time to teach me new things about the programs we use to enhance my work.

Most important thing you’ve learned working with Red Orange?

Overall, this internship has taught me how a real business can effectively organize the way that they get work done and also how to productively communicate with clients in order for the project to be a success.

What are your plans after you graduate?

My plans are a little up in the air this early on, but two options I am considering are to travel for a small stretch of time and then pursue a career that focuses on Design for Social Change, or to continue saving up money in order to apply for Project M, which could lead to jumpstarting my career in design!

What’s Project M?

Project M was started by John Beilenberg and it is a “workshop” of sorts where designers and other professions go to a specific community, observe this community and what it’s problems/needs are, and then the group comes up with some kind of solution to benefit this problem/they find a way to execute the solution. They’ve had a lot of successful projects that you can read more about on their website: 

Written by: Red Orange Studio