Sentara Nursing Annual Report 2017

With 5,600 nurses working in multiple locations throughout Virginia and North Carolina, Sentara Healthcare is committed to recognizing their nursing professionals. For the past six years, Sentara has partnered with Red Orange Studio to produce a Nursing Annual Report that highlights the accomplishments of nurses and honors the role of the professional nurse within the system. The challenge from nursing leadership in 2017 was to produce a report that also celebrated the joy of nursing – and gave the nurses a voice in telling their stories to increase nurse engagement. The Red Orange team worked with Sentara to produce a custom video that features nurses from across the system with a diverse representation of roles, divisions, career stage and geographic location. Video interviews allowed the nurses to share their “best day” as a nurse, providing an opportunity to remember and celebrate all the best moments that are part of the nursing experience.

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Collaborative Approach

The Red Orange team worked with Sentara for seven months to plan, shoot and edit the video titled “Your Best Day.” Members of Red Orange travelled across the state of Virginia and into North Carolina to visit Sentara hospitals to meet and interview more than 40 nurses and capture their stories. In addition, we worked together to develop a traditional annual report that was printed and distributed at the annual nursing leadership meeting.


Providing art direction and video production, Red Orange and our partners sought to create a video that would properly convey these nurses’ powerful stories. Components of the video were subsequently woven into the print and online versions of the 2017 Nursing Annual Report, which gave supporting data on the nurses’ impact to improve health and meet clinical goals. To further synergize the print and video content, the print report and a supplemental microsite were complemented with photos and quotes from the nurses.

Red Orange Studio | Sentara Nursing Annual Report Website
Red Orange Studio | Sentara Nursing Annual Report
Red Orange Studio | Sentara Nursing Annual Report
Red Orange Studio | Sentara Nursing Annual Report
Red Orange Studio | Sentara Nursing Annual Report


The final video was a dynamic, visual story that flowed from 19 nurses who were hand selected to participate in the project. The “Your Best Day” video premiered at the Sentara Nursing Leadership meeting with more than 800 Sentara nurses in attendance. Successful in showcasing the Sentara nurses and their compelling stories, the video concluded with a live performance from one of the nurses which was well received with a standing ovation. Sentara nurses continue to refer to the video, print report and microsite.