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Small Business Message Makeover

Is your small business sending the right message? The way you position your brand in the marketplace can make a significant difference in attracting customers and making sales. Thoughtfully crafted messages are more than just clever taglines – they are strategic communications designed to resonate with your ideal customer and drive action.

Your content marketing specialist will work with you to create the following list of important elements.


  • VALUE PROPOSITION/CORE BRAND MESSAGING – Positioning statement and key messages that differentiate your small business from the competition and support strategic goals.

  • COMPANY BIO – Boilerplate company description for web and print media.

  • TAGLINE – Short, memorable, compelling tagline to support your brand messages and connect with your audience.

  • ELEVATOR SPEECH – Script for a 30-second introduction to your company to be used in networking and business conversations, designed to highlight key differentiators and encourage further discussion.

  • Half day kickoff session with content marketing strategist.

  • 2 hours in follow up via email or phone.

  • 2 rounds* of revisions.

Investment: $3,500


*Revisions that exceed 2 rounds will be billed at our hourly rate.