The first Red Orange Studio PIP Project concluded successfully this December with the 2018 award recipient, Safe Harbor Shelter.


People Inspiring PeoplePip1 011 01

With a program vision of “People Inspiring People,” it was our mission to equip Safe Harbor’s team with the tools and insights to support their work in the domestic violence and human trafficking arena. The project kicked off in August 2018, when the two teams first met to discuss Safe Harbor’s challenges and goals. It became evident that Safe Harbor was in need of a tactical marketing strategy to support their 3 Year Development Plan. In addition, the Red Orange team also proposed using the $10,000 PIP budget to provide Safe Harbor with a content marketing plan, a new logo and newly branded templates.


Collaboration & Creation

Over the past five months, the two teams collaborated extensively on strategy and design. Red Orange was able to provide a custom marketing strategy and content marketing plan for the Safe Harbor team to implement. Furthermore, the RO team was also able to deliver several logo concepts for Safe Harbor’s committees and board to consider. Below are a few of the design directions we explored.Pip Safeharbor Logo Options


“We are so very thankful for all the work you have done for Safe Harbor. You have been great partners and made this easy for us.”
Cathy Easter, Executive Director


The Safe Harbor team plans to revisit these concepts in 2019, and we look forward to seeing what direction they go in. Red Orange is proud to have provided the nonprofit with some valuable insights and ideas for the future. We look forward to watching Safe Harbor grow and continue to make a positive impact in the Richmond community.


About Safe Harbor Shelter

Safe Harbor has earned the reputation as a top agency in the area through the provision of safe housing and services to survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence and human trafficking for 18 years. Safe Harbor’s vision is to maintain and build upon this reputation through the continued administration of sustainable, impactful and innovative programs and services. Thank you to Safe Harbor for serving as our studio’s first PIP Project Award Recipient!


“We cannot thank you all enough for your time, passion and energy!  We feel extremely honored to have been the first recipient of the PIP Project. The marketing plan has been a huge help and will continue to help us as we develop our strategies and content.  The work on the logo has given us a great headstart and helped to begin the conversation around logo design and colors. Thank you so very much!”
Mary Maupai, Director of Development


If you are interested in learning more about Red Orange Studio’s outreach program, please visit We will begin accepting applications for next year’s award in March 2019.