At Red Orange Studio, we work with companies who do good things. And that inspires us to #GoDoGood. That concept is the foundation of our social impact initiative, The PIP Project. Launched in 2018, The PIP Project provides awards for pro-bono marketing and creative services to nonprofits and start-ups in Virginia. To date, Red Orange and our PIP Partners have awarded more than $70,000 of free services to PIP Award recipients in our community – to help them continue their work and #GoDoGood.

2021 Nonprofit Award Application opening March 8, 2021

This year we are encouraging all minority-operated nonprofits and/or organizations that specifically serve underserved populations to apply. One or more nonprofit organizations will be selected to receive pro-bono marketing and creative services from Red Orange Studio and our PIP Partners.

Our PIP Award Recipients

Red Orange Studio | PIP Seed Graphic

PIP Nonprofit Award Recipients




Camp Hope

Connor’s Heroes Foundation


Safe Harbor Shelter

Red Orange Studio | PIP Seed Graphic

PIP Start-Up Award Recipients


Saint & Rebel Consulting

Virginia Beach Ketamine and Wellness

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

- Mahatma Gandhi
Red Orange Studio | Connor's Heroes Report
Our Journey with Connor's Heroes

How to plant your pip

If we see you or your business making a positive impact in the community, we may send you your own pip. We hope this token of our appreciation inspires you to continue the great work you’re doing, as you’ve inspired us. Follow the steps below and start growing!

After you first get your pip seed, soak it in water overnight (about 12-18 hours). Your pip will have a better chance of sprouting if it’s soaked first, because soaking softens the seed coating and kickstarts the process. Don’t soak your seed for any longer than 24 hours as it may get waterlogged and not sprout.

Once you’ve soaked your seed, you’re ready to plant! Prepare a small container with fresh potting soil. Before filling it with soil, check that the container has drainage holes; If it doesn’t, try making some or get a different pot.

Make a hole in the center of the soil (about 1/2 inch deep), plant your pip and cover it back up. Pat it down gently with your hand to secure everything in place.

Water your pip immediately after planting, making sure to moisten the soil, but don’t let it get soggy. Place it to a spot where it can get lots of direct sun, and enjoy watching it as it grows. Welcome to wonderful world of plant ownership – Good luck!

  • Keep your plant moist and water it regularly. Make sure it doesn’t dry out!
  • Water your plant more in the spring/summer months and less in the fall/winter months.
  • Try adding fertilizer to the soil for extra nutrients and growing power.
  • We recommend keeping your plant indoors so it is protected from the elements.
  • Take pictures every few weeks to keep track of its growth!