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Red Orange Studio is a tech-savvy creative agency that packs a punch when it comes to brand creation, graphic design and marketing solutions. We know businesses need a brand that makes a splash in the marketplace – and produces results as well. So we create unique web and print media that is both visually captivating and strategically effective.


With core staff members located in our Shockoe Bottom studio (Richmond, VA), Red Orange Studio also has a virtual team of industry professionals who help us serve clients across the country. Our collaborative approach means you’ll have top-notch talent handpicked to meet the specific needs of your project. (It also means we’re streamlined enough to avoid large agency overhead fees, yet flexible enough to grow with you!).

We’re not here to impress you with our award winning designs…or our prestigious client portfolio…or our long list of credentials. We’re here to help you solve problems.

Working with Red Orange Studio isn’t like working with any other design company. When you meet Susie and the team, you’ll understand that you’re in a totally different relationship. You’ll know from the start that Red Orange Studio is interested in achieving your business goals with creative and technical solutions. We’re not here to impress you with our award winning designs…or our prestigious client portfolio…or our long list of credentials. We’re here to help you solve problems. If you’re looking for creative design, strategic thinking and a fresh new partnership, give us a call and let us know how we can create juicy results for your business.

small team with big impact

Creative Strategist, CEO

Susie Fife

Fueled by a passion for great design, genuine relationships and business excellence, Susie Fife founded Red Orange Studio in 2005, and has grown the company into a team of top-notch designers, illustrators, developers, copywriters, photographers and other marketing professionals.

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Theresa Ceniccola, Red Orange Studio
Vice President & Chief Operations Officer

Theresa Ceniccola

As an Account Manager lead, she serves as an intermediary between the agency’s creative team and clients needing longer-term services beyond one-off projects like a new logo or website. In her role as COO, Theresa helps with the processes and documentation that keep Red Orange running efficiently and effectively.

Business Development Director

Jolinda Smithson

If you need to make miracles happen on a tight deadline, Jolinda Smithson is your best resource. As the Business Development Director at Red Orange, Jolinda never loses her cool when faced with unusual requests or seemingly impossible budget constraints. In fact, she rises to the occasion and meets the challenge with optimism and perseverance.

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Kristy May Art Director Red Orange Studio
Art Director

Kristy May

Calm, cool & client-focused...As a member of the Red Orange team, Kristy takes a collaborative approach to all of her projects. She is genuinely interested in the success of her clients and it shows in the way she works.

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Project Manager

Venus Bolton

Venus is the dose of honey (or elbow grease) that keeps all the gears turning at Red Orange. She ensures that we meet client deadlines and has an eye for detail that helps us with proofing and editing work before it’s sent out for review and approval.

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Senior Designer

André Johnson

Need someone to brighten your day and your design? André’s the guy. He keeps us all singing and dancing around the studio, but his hard work ethic and experience make him as much a professional as a great guy to hang around. André is our newest designer on the team, yet he’s been in the design world for over a decade with both in-house and agency experience.

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Senior Designer

Haley Hollenbach

Haley Hollenbach is our newest team member, and we're incredibly lucky to have her! With over 16 years of experience, primarily in the University and Academic sector, Haley brings impeccable page layout and timeless design to each project.

Content Specialist

Matt Gordon

Since his time as an intern in the Summer of 2017, Matt has been a contributor on every project he's assigned to. His endless enthusiasm and work ethic show in his copywriting, his proofreading and editing and his production graphic design assignments.

Our Brand Story

Rooted in love. Overflowing with creative juice. Designed for long-term collaboration.

Red Orange was the firstborn brand of founder Susie Fife and her husband John– a blend of their two favorite colors, which they merged artfully to create their wedding design. It later grew to become Red Orange Studio – a marriage of creativity and technology to support small businesses and large brands. Our unique combination of strategic marketing and remarkable design gives Red Orange clients a powerful tool for their brand success.

The Red Award

Red is a color associated with ENERGY, STRENGTH, and DETERMINATION as well as PASSION, DESIRE and LOVE.

The RED AWARD is given to the teammate who exemplifies determination and diligence throughout the year with clients and projects. The RED AWARD recipient creates solutions, solves problems, and fights to make it right.

The person who was awarded red last year is our newest designer – brought on in May, 2017. She has been a great asset to the team, working through dozens of designs each week. She’s a powerhouse and we are so blessed to have her on the team. Congratulations, Haley, for receiving the 2017 Red Award! Thank you for all your hard work!

The Orange Award


The ORANGE AWARD is given to the teammate who serves as a leader and encourager to the team. This recipient shows grace in tough situations, provides solutions for other team members to excel and deeply cares about both the projects and the people.

The person awarded orange has had a huge impact in the short time he’s been here. He is a huge support to the team and provides encouragement every day. Always looking at the bright side, the orange award winner is constantly coming up with creative solutions for our SLICE clients. Congratulations, Andre, for receiving the 2017 Orange Award and thank you for the commitment to the success of the companies we serve!