Logos come in all shapes, colors and sizes — just like the organizations that they are created to represent! Though it may seem like they simply appear out of thin air, quality logos take a long time to research, plan and execute. From an outsider perspective, it may not be easy to see all the vital steps in the creative process that are necessary for a quality logo.



Every design firm tackles the logo creation process in different ways. Regardless of who you turn to or where you go, it is important to understand why investing in a quality logo will benefit your business in the long run.


1. Don’t skip the discovery phase.

Working with a reputable brand partner, you should invest the time in research, brainstorming and clarifying goals so that your logo helps properly position your business in the marketplace. Our typical logo process includes in-depth discovery and research, brainstorming and multiple rounds of revisions with the client. If there is not enough preparation or proper research of the marketplace before design, your logo may not be able to properly differentiate itself among competitors and the overall results of your brand could suffer.


2. Pay attention to design and technology trends.

Did you know that 33% of the 100 top rated brands use the color blue in their logo? This kind of research is crucial to staying current with your industry’s design and technology trends — your company’s logo should not feel dated or stuck in a trend from years past. Choose a brand partner that can guide you towards a logo that will represent your company in its best light, with a design that will speak to the present. Keeping in mind that design and technology are constantly changing and evolving, the goal is to fashion a logo that will stand the test of time and survive the ever ebbing and flowing trends. Or, start your own trend!


3. Take your time.

Your logo serves as your company’s identity and should be thoughtfully and carefully researched, designed and well executed. This process takes time, especially with multiple revisions. Cutting the amount of hours spent on a logo project could mean cutting corners during the creative process. You also run the risk that the result will not properly reflect your organization and not be as effective at driving your bottom line or reaching your audience. You will thank yourself after taking the time to design an effective logo for your business!


A logo can be a dazzling representation of your company, and every one we create reminds us of how much we love to do what we do. If your organization is looking for help refreshing your logo or even want to start from scratch, we can help! Feel free to reach out to us for more information on creating your company’s logo or about getting your existing logo back into shape.