How To Work With Your Creative Agency


While working with creative agencies can be intimidating at times or unfamiliar, particularly when the business relationship is new, there are several steps you can take to make sure you get the most value from the agency you’re working with.


We’ve built our business on crafting not only beautiful design, but also relationships with clients that work well and endure. The goal, after all, isn’t just a financial transaction for a service but to develop creative materials that work hard for your business goals. Here are a few insights on how to get the most value out of your creative agency.


Find a good fit.

The first step to getting the most of out your creative agency is to find the right agency to work with. It’s important to find an agency that has a portfolio that appeals to you, but also has processes and organization that blend well with your own. Finding the right fit is easier said than done, but working with the right partner will make the process smoother and the work better, so it’s worth your time to know who you’re investing in.


Know your goals and objectives.

Your goals and objectives of any design project should be clear and well thought out. Maybe you want a new logo, but why is now the right time for a rebrand? What about your current website isn’t meeting the objectives you’d hoped for? What has changed in your business that you’re considering redesigning your marketing materials? Digging through questions like these to clarify your objectives will do wonders for your agency and will give them a head start on helping you achieve your goals.


Offer your input with consideration.

You are the expert on your business. No one else knows the ins and outs of your operation better than you and those who work with you. Creative agencies crave valuable insight into what your business is about, what you’re looking for and what you need to ensure the design is effective. Throughout your initial meetings and when giving feedback on work throughout the process, keep your objectives in mind and offer insight based on what’s best for your business from your perspective.


Trust their judgment.

Trust is huge in any business relationship, and creative agencies are no different. As stated, you’re the expert in your business. You should hire an agency that you trust is an expert in their field. And although trust can take time to build, quality agencies place a lot of thought into every design decision. They strive to build a relationship with their clients that produces results. When a solid, trusting relationship is at the foundation of a project, it’s easy for the work to move efficiently and be effective.


Maintain momentum.

Not only is it good business practice, but we have found that maintaining momentum also ensures great design. Work closely with your creative agency to communicate clearly about turnaround times and schedules. When both teams have a clear understanding of the timeline, your creative agency will be able to keep up your project moving along smoothly.


Be open-minded.

Creative agencies at their core are just that — creative! They’re made up of problem solvers and people who think outside of the box to find solutions. That said, it’s in your best interest to be open-minded to solutions that may be different than your initial thoughts on an objective. It’s common for quality agencies to find solutions for your project that go above and beyond the original approach.


Know that good work takes time.

Some projects just need to be completed quickly. Most agencies understand that speed in business is essential and these professionals are used to producing quality work on a tight deadline. However, those same agencies will also tell you that when a generous timeline is available, it often elevates the quality of the work. Giving enough time to learn about your business, discover the best solutions and execute the work well can help the best outcome develop.


If you’re looking to invest in a creative agency or simply need some design work done, look through our portfolio or reach out to us to see if we’re a good fit. We’re always ready to collaborate with clients who value great design and strategic thinking.