At Red Orange Studio, we’ve seen firsthand how great web design can attract clients and boost sales when it’s backed by a solid lead generation strategy that includes a clear call to action.

What do you want your website visitors to do?Merging Lead Generation with Web Design graphic

Most businesses know what they want their website to look like; they have an idea of the images and colors they want to see on the site, what messages they want to include on the website — all the information they want to share about their company. But, sometimes they have difficulty figuring out what they want their website visitors to do… they don’t have a clear call to action.


How might you lead visitors to do what you want?

Many retail sites contain a clear call to action: buy now. But service-based businesses and B2B companies may need to develop a relationship with prospects before they are ready to make a purchase. So, their website goal might include a lead generation strategy; to generate new leads is to generate new business. How are you attracting prospective clients with your website? What are you doing to capture their names and key contact information? What’s your call to action?


We ask these questions and more at Red Orange Studio, because we understand the importance of quality design that not only looks great, but more importantly, strategically helps drive new business through your front door. Want to try it out for yourself? Here are few helpful steps to developing a lead generation strategy:


  1. Outline your challenges and goals.

What are you looking to accomplish with your web presence? How do you define success for your website or landing page?


  1. Understand your audience and their needs.

Who are you looking to reach? What are they struggling with that you could provide a solution for? What value can you bring them as an incentive to act?


  1. Identify your customer website behavior.

How do your potential customers typically find your website? Where do they navigate once they land on your website?


  1. Develop a clear call to action.

Keep it simple and intuitive. Let them know what to do, what information you require, and what they will gain in return.


  1. Nurture your leads.

Once you’ve generated some leads on your website, how are you going to develop those relationships? Develop a strategy that will enable you to nurture those relationships and eventually make a sale.


If you are struggling to generate new leads or are looking to improve your marketing, Red Orange Studio is here to help. Serving as your dedicated brand partner, we aim to help our clients solve real problems by providing thoughtful and meaningful design. Don’t hesitate to reach out today!