While some may already know that a pip is a small citrus seed, it has taken on an entirely new meaning to Red Orange Studio. “People Inspiring People” – this was the vision and brainchild of CEO Susie Fife that sparked the creation of the PIP Project and has come fully to life this year! Our newest outreach initiative, the PIP Project was established to donate our creative talents to benefit the community in a series of ways. During this stage, Red Orange is offering our design, branding and strategy assistance to an organization that aligns with our values and overarching goal in making a positive impact in the community, while inspiring others to do the same.


Thank you to all the worthy organizations that took time to apply this year. We offer you our deep gratitude for your participation. *Drumroll please!* We’d like to heartily congratulate the recipient of the 2018 PIP Project Award, Safe Harbor Shelter!


Safe Harbor Shelter is the sole provider of services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence in Henrico County and the only provider for survivors of human trafficking in Central Virginia. These critically vital services include providing shelter, individual and group counseling, youth services, court advocacy, community education and more – all free of charge. They are also one of the only service providers in the Richmond Metro area to offer clinical counseling with bi-lingual, bi-cultural, Spanish-speaking counselors.


Red Orange Studio Safe Harbor Shelter Pip Recipient


“Our mission is to provide the support that survivors of sexual and domestic violence need to overcome their crisis and to transform their lives,” said Mary Maupai, Development Director at Safe Harbor. “We envision that every person in our community can take pride in having safe homes and healthy relationships.”


Safe Harbor closely aligns with our core values at Red Orange in their mission to provide truly selfless, life changing services to survivors of sexual and domestic violence and human trafficking. The way Safe Harbor deeply affects the lives of these survivors while expecting nothing in return should serve as an inspiration to everyone seeking to make lasting changes in their community.


“Almost every day I talk to people who are positively impacted by the great work a non-profit is doing. Their stories motivate and inspire me. I often think about how many more people those non-profits could help if they had professional marketing so they could reach more people,” said Fife. “With this opportunity, we’re not going to just help the non-profit…we’re going to help the people they help. That feels really good and helps bring meaning to what we do.”


Red Orange Studio Safe Harbor Shelter Pip Recipient
The Red Orange team meets with Safe Harbor’s Cathy Easter (Executive Director) and Mary Maupai (Development Director) at the studio for their first strategy session.

Thank you again to all of our distinguished applicants this year. If you applied for the PIP Project Award this year and didn’t receive it, stay tuned! We plan on opening up the application process again in summer of 2019, so be sure to reapply for the opportunity for your organization to work with the Red Orange Studio team. Once again, congratulations to Safe Harbor Shelter for receiving the 2018 PIP Project Award! We are truly humbled by the chance to work with you to help make Richmond a better place.


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