Expanding PIP: From Non-Profits to Start-Ups

In 2018, Red Orange Studio launched our outreach initiative called The PIP Project, with the vision of “People Inspiring People.” Since its inception, The PIP Project has provided $20,000 worth of pro-bono design, development and marketing services to three local non-profit organizations. And the team at Red Orange is now hooked on donating our creative talents to the many inspiring members of our community! We wanted to expand our service beyond the non-profit sector and support other local businesses. So earlier this year, we introduced The PIP Start-Up Award, specifically focused on new entrepreneurs and start-ups in and around Richmond, VA. Recognizing the need in our entrepreneurial community, we wanted to offer our design, branding and strategy expertise to a rising business that not only aligns with our values but more importantly strives to make a positive impact in the community, while inspiring others to do the same.


Our Core Values in Action

“I’ve always believed that everyone deserves great design,” said Red Orange CEO, Susie Fife. “As Red Orange has grown, we’ve gained a ton of experience, added to our capabilities, and delivered creative solutions to large companies. In the midst of all that growth, however, we did not want to forget about the smaller businesses and amazing start-ups in Richmond. So we created our small business division. The PIP Project is just another way we can give back, offering one lucky start-up a free logo design.”


We are so grateful to all of the worthy companies that took the time to apply. Congratulations to our very first PIP Start-Up Award recipient… Saint & Rebel Consulting!

Saint and Rebel Logo
________Saint and Rebel’s Current Logo


Who is Saint & Rebel?

Saint & Rebel is a new small business that offers consultation, training and other business services for start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs who seek to enhance the community. They love empowering up-and-comers, helping get their businesses running smoothly and successfully so they can accomplish their goals — with flair! While their main expertise is in the coffee business (which we LOVE), they have experience working with other types of businesses as well, and also donate their time to helping refugees with job skills training.


We were so proud to see this great start-up featured in the Coffee Issue of Style Weekly in which they share the story of their beginnings as well as how they hope to enrich our community! We are really looking forward to creating something amazing with this inspiring company. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with The PIP Start-Up Award and other Red Orange news!