Sentara Cancer Network

Over the years, Red Orange Studio has helped Sentara Healthcare create annual reports for several service lines including cancer, cardiac, orthopedics and nursing. The cancer service line publishes outcomes data that is required by accrediting organizations and distributed to a variety of key stakeholders. Sentara wanted to reduce print costs and provide a better experience by developing a digital-first version of the annual report that highlights the most advanced programs and services and established a more evergreen resource.

Creative Services

Website Design and Development

Sentara Cancer Network Responsive Web Mockup


ADA Compliance Level*

  • Color contrast
  • Alt tags
  • Clear language
  • Keyboard navigability
  • Accessible forms

Collaborative Approach

Working closely with the client to outline the site structure and identify the content, the Red Orange team helped pave the way for a new template for Sentara digital annual reports.

* Compliance level rating upon delivery.


The mobile-responsive, ADA-compliant website features large, compelling visuals and dynamic data along with interactive maps and a custom filtering tool to enhance the viewer experience and improve navigation.

Red Orange Studio | Sentara Cancer Network Website Longpages


With an innovative digital approach to publishing outcomes and annual report data, Sentara has reduced printing costs and streamlined the process for updating content each year. The site meets requirements of the accrediting organizations while serving as a repository of cancer service line resources for a wide range of stakeholders including physicians and community leaders.

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