Sentara Nursing Annual Report 2018

Sentara Healthcare recognizes and celebrates the contribution of their 5,600 professional nurses who work in multiple locations throughout Virginia and North Carolina. Each year, Red Orange Studio helps publish an annual report that details the accomplishments of this exceptional healthcare workforce – highlighting clinical outcomes and celebrating professional advancement. In 2018, nursing leadership wanted to support nurse retention and foster a healthy work environment by sharing the stories of why Sentara nurses chose their profession – and why they remain – with the goal of allowing the team to reconnect with the joy of nursing.

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Red Orange Studio | Sentara Nursing Annual Report

Collaborative Approach

The Red Orange team worked with Sentara to produce a custom video that featured nurses from across the integrated health network remembering their “why.” The video served as the foundation for a 40-page print report which was distributed at the annual nursing leadership meeting and a dedicated microsite that was pushed out to the entire nursing workforce.


Working closely with the Sentara nursing team, Red Orange and our partners conducted video interviews of nearly 20 nurses in four different regions and produced a series of videos featuring their powerful stories. Components of the video were subsequently woven into the print and online versions of the 2018 Nursing Annual Report, which gave supporting data on the nurses’ impact to improve health and meet clinical goals. To further synergize the print and video content, the print report and a supplemental microsite were complemented with photos and quotes from the nurses.

Red Orange Studio | Sentara Nursing Annual Report Microsite 2018
Red Orange Studio | Sentara Nursing Annual Report
Red Orange Studio | Sentara Nursing Annual Report


Nurses who are selected to be featured in the Sentara Nursing Annual Report have come to consider it an honor and a distinction. Their coworkers celebrate the inclusion of “one of their own” in this highly visible publication. In addition to sharing a unified narrative about the joy of nursing throughout the healthcare system, the annual report has become a source of pride and celebration for front line nursing professionals.