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Sentara Primary Care & Therapy Center

Sentara Healthcare recognized that retailers, tech companies and other competitors were entering the healthcare marketplace at a rapid pace in response to consumerism and retail product offerings. As a nationally ranked integrated healthcare system, Sentara created a retail strategy that would fuel growth and meet the healthcare needs of its community. This strategy involved the creation of a new line of retail clinics, each of which would be designated as a Sentara Primary Care & Therapy Center. They came to Red Orange Studio in 2019 to help introduce the first two of these retail clinics with a creative campaign that would both resonate with their target audience and clearly communicate their key offerings: quick and convenient quality primary care and physical therapy services.

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Sentara Primary Care & Therapy Center Website

Collaborative Approach

Red Orange Studio worked with the Sentara team to develop a creative strategy and execute campaign materials. The client provided a thorough marketing plan along with a myriad of consumer research. One of the most pressing challenges to overcome was avoiding market cannibalization when entering the retail space. Sentara owns traditional primary care practices, traditional physical therapy centers and urgent care centers in the same geographic market. We strategized with the Sentara team to ensure this new product was differentiated enough to their other offerings in the marketplace, which led to a heavy precedent on consumer education in our approach. Another challenge we faced was developing creative that would appeal to a younger audience with a unique look and feel, but still provide visual continuity with the existing Sentara brand.

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Recognizing the unique needs of the target audience, comprised mostly of young professionals, we developed the campaign tagline of ‘Quality care for busy people’. This message spoke to the high-quality care Sentara is known for throughout the community, as well as the consumer needs for a quicker retail experience. The creative also emphasized Sentara’s ability to walk-in or schedule online and experience minimal wait times. The Sentara Primary Care & Therapy Center campaign included a vast array of deliverables, including digital ads, print ads, a landing page, an animated infographic style video, as well as signage and other print materials.

Sentara Primary Care & Therapy Center Printed Ad
Sentara Primary Care & Therapy Center Store Signage
Sentara Primary Care & Therapy Center Store Signage


Sentara Primary Care and Therapy Center volumes at both locations were initially strong upon opening and are steadily increasing. The digital ad campaign has also been successful, delivering impressions of 385,696/month with a click-through rate (CTR) as high as 4.87 percent. The client was pleased with the high percentage of walk-in visits and will be rolling out two new locations in Summer 2020.