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Filmed Videos

Armada Hoffler 40th anniversary video allows team members to share in the celebration and tell the story of the company culture.

Sentara Healthcare nurse recruitment video targets millennial nurses who want to make a difference.

Beyond Cancer video celebrates survivorship for Sentara Healthcare cancer patients.

Beyond Cancer event video shares the highlights of survivorship celebration.

Sentara Healthcare and Optima Health video tells the story community organizations that are supported by a partnership with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation.

Sentara Healthcare nursing video reminds nurses throughout the company of the reason they chose the profession.

Sentara Healthcare engaged the Red Orange team to film a nutrition conference designed to educate attendees on the clinical benefits of a whole-foods, plant-based diet.

Animated Infographic and Explainer Videos

Infographic video explains the opening of a new concept in primary care and therapy for Sentara Healthcare patients.

Manufacturing Skills Institute video promotes opportunities in the manufacturing industry and career training available.

Optima Health video promotes Employee Assistance Program services for members.

Distinctive Art Source explainer video provides an overview of the company process and key differentiators.

Optima Health video explains the option to purchase insurance outside open enrollment season due to qualifying life events.

Optima Health video introduces health rewards for members for staying fit and active.

Optima Health video helps members calculate healthcare costs and out-of-pocket expenses.

Fusion animated infographic video explains how they help businesses get results.

Optima Health video describes BusinessEDGE program for small companies.

Sentara Healthcare video helps consumers understand their risk for cardiovascular disease.

Sentara Healthcare video series helps public school teachers implement a training program for youth designed to help them identify stroke symptoms.

Optima Health video describes Medicare Advantage program.