Has the isolation of COVID-19 affected your creativity? Are you finding yourself feeling anxious instead of inspired? Is the quarantine situation caused by coronavirus leaving your team feeling disconnected? The Red Orange Studio Quarantine Creativity Kit is here to add some color to your day!

As creative professionals, we thrive in an environment where creativity is encouraged and collaboration is required. That’s why the team at Red Orange needed an extra boost of creative inspiration when we were separated and quarantined due to coronavirus. Within just a few days, our team had mastered the technical challenges of remote collaboration – but we desperately needed a creative team building activity to help us feel connected and inspired.

So…being problem solvers, we developed our very own Quarantine Creativity Kit designed to relieve anxiety, foster collaboration and bring a smile to the team. And we’re sharing this free tool here as a gift for our clients, friends and community so that we can all rediscover creativity as a means of combatting the COVID-19 boredom!

In the kit, you’ll find:

  1. A Virtual Scavenger Hunt. We used this tool for a virtual team building activity. It took about an hour to complete and provided much needed laughter as we all searched our homes for toilet paper. Team Caitlex (Caitlyn + Alex) won our challenge and earned the honor of sharing the Employee of the Month award for April!
  2. The Work from Home BINGO Game. You’ve probably seen many versions of the conference call or work from home BINGO on social media lately. Here’s our Red Orange version designed to help you keep the creative juices flowing while supporting others in need.
  3. The Work from Home Word Search. Here’s a little bonus gift to help take your mind off the news and get lost in the letters.

If the Red Orange Quarantine Creativity Kit inspires you and your team – or your family – share your favorite moments with us on Facebook!