Last month we were so pleased to announce Shalom Farms as the first recipient of our 2021 PIP Nonprofit Award. PIP stands for ‘People Inspiring People’ and was established in 2018 as an intentional outreach initiative to make a positive impact in the community and influence others to do the same.

Now we’re thrilled to share five other nonprofit finalists have been matched with PIP partners, including Journey Seven, Leap Innovative Group, Good Run Research, Lewis Media Partners, Feedback and TechArk. This means even more nonprofit organizations will be getting pro bono support to help them plant seeds of greatness, further their missions and create impact! Congratulations to the following 2021 PIP Award recipients and a special thanks to our PIP partners who are supporting them:

Mosaic Steel Orchestra

The Mosaic Steel Orchestra, based in Norfolk, Virginia, engages youth and adults in Caribbean steelpan ensembles and provides cultural arts studies while developing professional performance etiquette. They have become a force in providing high-quality arts exposure to underserved populations through the seven cities of Hampton Roads – free of charge and after school. To better represent the amazing work they do, Mosaic Steel Orchestra has been paired with Journey Seven, a digital content creation company that specializes in video and photography, as well as Lewis Media Partners, a strategic media and marketing agency. Together they will conduct a full day video shoot and create a piece that shows the ensembles in action!


JobsRVA aims to provide all people with an opportunity to better their lives and improve their skills in the workplace. They work with underemployed and unemployed individuals from varying histories, experiences and backgrounds and partner with local nonprofits and houses of faith seeking to host job training classes. Even more, they help to inspire participants and instill in them a sense of hope and confidence that they can successfully return to the workforce. In an effort to further their impact, JobsRVA has been partnered with Leap Innovation to evolve their brand using strategic creative marketing.

The Greater Richmond Bar Foundation (GRBF)

The Greater Richmond Bar Foundation (GRBF), aims to close the justice gap – a gap between those who can afford legal services in civil matters and those who cannot. They do this by recruiting and supporting attorneys to do pro bono –  with a vision that 100% of all Virginia attorneys would someday do pro bono and close the justice gap. They will be working with TechArk, a firm that provides custom web design, software & app development, and digital marketing services in Hampton Roads, to upgrade and update their website and create a platform with long-lasting impact.

Monticello Area Community Action Agency (MACAA)

The Monticello Area Community Action Agency has a mission to improve the lives of people with low income by helping them become self-reliant, thereby enhancing the economic vitality and well-being of their community. MACAA serves the City of Charlottesville and the Counties of Albemarle, Fluvanna, Louisa and Nelson, with most programming focused on education, economic empowerment and health equity for families at or below 125% of the federal poverty level. MACCA has been connected to Good Run Research to benefit from their experience in delivering creative, custom and qualitative solutions in hopes of deep diving into the data and identifying new ways to better serve the community.

Free Clinic of Powhatan

The Free Clinic of Powhatan provides medical services to uninsured, low-income adult residents in Powhatan County. Thanks to some incredible support from community partners, foundations, donors and volunteers, they just recently were able to open the doors to a new facility offering a fully equipped lab, two medical exam rooms, two mental health counseling rooms and a two chair dental clinic for on-site dental care. Now they are looking to better understand their audience – both their needs and how they receive information – so they can do even more to empower individuals to be a part of managing their health. Feedback, a research company that provides consumer insights, has jumped in to help develop the right market research program to provide a comprehensive look at their audience.

It All Starts with a Seed

We continue to be in awe of our PIP nonprofit applicants AND our PIP partners. We are excited to see how these seeds will grow throughout the summer months and look forward to sharing more as even more good things come to life!