Shalom Farms

Shalom Farms is a nonprofit that partners with other organizations throughout Richmond to provide meaningful access to healthy food, and we were pleased to partner with them as our 2021 Non-Profit PIP Award recipient.

They requested assistance in updating their website to support the critical work they are doing for their communities. It was important to them that the site be easy to access and navigate on all devices, showcase the diversity of their community, volunteers, and team, and accurately portray the work they are trying to do. Simultaneously, the site needed to be a flexible resource not only for their internal teams, but for program participants, donors and volunteers alike.

Shalom Responsive Website

Results One Month Post-Launch

Average Session Duration Increased


Pages Per Session Increased


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Shalom Farms Dominic Barrett, Executive Director

“…this was the most professional and impressive pro-bono project we’ve ever been a part of. It is the only pro-bono project/award in my 12 years where I 100% felt like an actual client getting all of the support, quality, and responsiveness they would expect if they were paying top dollar.”

– Dominic Barrett, Former Executive Director of Shalom Farms

Creative Approach

During our meetings, we discussed Shalom Farms’ goals and pain points and referenced their recent web analytics to determine where user experience could be improved. We worked together with the client to restructure their site map and provide a cleaner experience for their site visitors. Anchor tags, cross-navigation and clear, concise language were utilized to help make the site easier for users to navigate.

We were also asked to create an interactive map suitable for desktop and mobile devices that could help their community identify where and when their programs are being held. To our delight, Shalom Farms came to the table with a bank of beautiful photography that we leveraged to tell the story of the incredible work they do for their communities.

Shalom Farms - Redefined illustration style and custom support graphics
Shalom Farms Color Palette
Shalom Farms expanded iconography and updated typefaces graphic
Shalom Farms Website Screenshot
Shalom Farms Website Screenshot


For this site, we utilized a builder to make it easy for the client to update and expand the site as they grow. We also created specialized pages and modules that could be turned on/off as needed and provided extensive training to make sure the client felt comfortable when updating the site. To make sure they had everything they needed, we added a few special features — expanding the functionality of their team page, adding an interactive map for users to find fresh food and a donation thermometer for their crowdfunding and fundraising events.

View Live Site
Shalom Farms Find Fresh Food Map

“Of all the things that will have a lasting impact on the stability and sustainability of the organization, seeing our new website complete is near the top.”

– Dominic Barrett, Former Executive Director of Shalom Farms

Shalom Farms website on mobile phones

“Thank you so much for your expertise, humor, and patience! We couldn't have asked for better partners on this project.”

– Sara Higgins, Shalom Farms Development Director

Shalom Farms Sara Higgins, Development Director


This whole experience was a great demonstration of collaboration and education between the Shalom Farms and Red Orange Teams. We learned so much more about the community and work they do and in turn, we were able to educate our client and share some best practices for building their web engagement. Working with Shalom Farms was much more than a project for us — it was a partnership that we know will have a lasting impact on the communities they serve.

Shalom Farms Farmers and Friends illustration