Mental Health Virginia

Formerly known as Mental Health America of Virginia, Mental Health Virginia was the recipient of the 2023 PIP Nonprofit award. Alongside our PIP Agency Partners, we were able to address the nonprofit’s brand confusion with the national organization and establish a unique identity. The goal was to create a new brand name and logo that maintained credibility while standing out as a distinct entity. Based on the insights from Feedback’s digital ethnographic research, Red Orange Studio created a unique visual identity and developed a strategic plan to roll out the new brand in a way that resonated clearly with each audience.

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Logo Design

Brand Style Guide


Brand Videos Tell Story of Mental Health Warm Line

In collaboration with Feedback, Rian/Hunter Production, and Journey Seven Media, Red Orange Studio created a set of brand videos that told the story of Mental Health Virginia’s unique, peer-run warm line. Each video authentically portrayed the journey to better mental health and the support available through the warm line.

Distinct Brand Identity for Nonprofit, Mental Health Virginia

To understand audience perceptions and differentiate from the national affiliate, Red Orange conducted an audit of Mental Health America brands nationwide. The new logo design, distinct from the national brand yet tied to its symbolism of hope (the bell), represented a fresh identity for Mental Health Virginia. The brand style guide emphasized authenticity and human connection through graphic elements and suggested photography style. The brand imagery and key messaging conveyed support and empathy. The use of primary blue and orange colors from the logo connected Mental Health Virginia to Mental Health America, while unique typography drove key brand messaging.

MHVA Logo Block
MHVA Brand Guide

Successful Brand Rollout for Nonprofit Mental Health Virginia

The brand refresh was announced during Mental Health Awareness month, receiving positive engagement and feedback. This collaborative effort, providing pro bono work and services from various agencies, showcased the community’s support for mental health advocacy.

“The Red Orange team and their creative partners were incredibly helpful to us in all aspects of our non-profit rebranding. We wanted a new logo to go with our revised name, but they also provided research and context work to better inform how we communicate our identity and values. The team was patient with our internal decision making, took feedback well and made sure that the final product was something our board and staff are excited about. They were easy to work with and I recommend them highly.”

- Mental Health Virginia