Ruth Soukup

Ruth Soukup is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker and product creator. She created her brand with a lifestyle blog, driven to inspire and empower people by sharing the life lessons she has learned. Ruth grew her operation into an expansive omnimedia presence comprised of four main areas of service: lifestyle, business, productivity and motivation. She came to Red Orange with the goal of bringing definition, consistency and clarity to the Ruth Soukup brand in a way that would unite and honor the integrity of her established and successful sub-brands.

Creative Services

Logo Design
Brand Development
Website Design & Development

Red Orange Studio | RuthSoukup Logo
Red Orange Studio | Ruth Soukup Website

Collaborative Approach

The Ruth Soukup team had a general vision for their brand and website, but turned to Red Orange as the authority on brand strategy, development and execution. The two teams collaboratively refined Ruth’s brand as true partners. This dynamic allowed Ruth’s team to advocate for its audience and the Red Orange team to execute accordingly. Leveraging each other’s strengths, both teams hustled through web development and launch to provide Ruth with an internationally award-winning brand and website.

Red Orange Studio | RuthSoukup Icon
Red Orange Studio | RuthSoukup Icon
Red Orange Studio | RuthSoukup Icon
Red Orange Studio | RuthSoukup Icon


An exhaustive audit of the Ruth Soukup brand was done to get an understanding of how the various sub-brands were working together as well as where they felt inconsistent or disconnected. Red Orange recommended a brand architecture and strategy to include a hierarchical master brand structure and logo, intended to visually intertwine and streamline Ruth’s many sub-brands under one identity. To invoke consistency and create brand synergy, comprehensive brand guidelines were provided. The idea of brand consistency was key when designing the Ruth Soukup website, which visually links to each of the four sub-brands.

Red Orange Studio | RuthSoukup Brand Guide


Ruth walked away with a logo that can be easily incorporated into each of her different business ventures. A classic yet modern aesthetic, the new Ruth Soukup branding and guidelines are able to evolve and communicate her growing brand as she grows her services and areas of influence. Her congruent visual identity and website can now confidently support Ruth and her omnimedia enterprise as a credible and instantly recognizable authority in the field of self-improvement and personal empowerment.

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