Optima Health

With more than 30 years of experience in the health insurance arena, Optima Health, a division of Sentara Healthcare, is a nationally recognized provider of health plan coverage and innovative wellness programs. Optima, a Red Orange brand partner, has consistently approached us to assist them in their goal of growing their provider base and spreading awareness in North Carolina with the creation and execution of print and web projects to showcase and debut their new insurance campaigns, plans and services.

Red Orange Studio | OptimaHealth Website

Collaborative Approach

Red Orange worked closely with Optima Health to bring this beneficial information to life in a way that would be attractive, digestible and educational to providers. We worked strategically with the client to suggest a size and format that would be easy to share depending on each medium and the specifications of each project.


Red Orange utilized a number of mediums to execute the several different Optima campaigns. Our solutions included marketing collateral, a landing page featuring custom infographics, posters, videos with custom motion graphics and audio, flyers, brochures and more.

Red Orange Studio | OptimaHealth Website


Equipped with their new web and print marketing materials, Optima Health was able to exhibit their various insurance plans and products in a way that would elevate their appearance and appeal to their targeted providers. Having grown our brand partnership with Optima along the way, each project has provided the perfect opportunity to strengthen our relationship that continues to develop today.