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Sentara Beyond Cancer

Sentara wanted to create an event and a campaign to celebrate the vast community of cancer survivors, along with their families and caregivers. They turned to Red Orange to develop the event logo and accompanying materials that included a landing page, digital ad campaign and video that gave cancer patients a voice and generated support for the cancer program at Sentara.

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Collaborative Approach

The Red Orange Studio creative team worked alongside Sentara’s marketing team to create an event theme that provided hope for the healthcare system’s community of cancer survivors. While the client provided the overarching theme, our creative team tied in the messaging and graphics to bring the campaign to life. Our team handled all the technical and creative aspects so the client could focus on the event logistics.



Digital: The first deliverable of the Beyond Cancer Campaign was the landing page. This event site served as the primary source of education surrounding the event. It also included event registration. Pulling inspiration from this design, Red Orange also worked to create beautifully-themed digital ads and an event presentation to ensure brand consistency in every touch point.

Print: In keeping with the event theme and Sentara brand standards, Red Orange also worked to produce various print materials for the event. These items included an invitation, ads, a flyer, posters, event signage, and a program. The use of watercolor artwork conveys warmth and compassion, which lends itself to the campaign goal of providing hope.

Video: The Beyond Cancer Campaign included two videos. The first video told the story of Cancer Survivorship, and it was shown at the actual event. Its goal was to inspire attendees, provide hope and encouragement, and ultimately set the tone for the Beyond Cancer event.  The second video captures the entire event. This Event Recap video was filmed as a way to creatively share the event on social media afterwards.

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The Beyond Cancer event sold out and exceeded client expectations in terms of community engagement and patient experience. The hospital’s leadership team was impressed by the video that beautifully captured the thoughts and feelings of cancer survivors. The digital team was pleased with the increased engagement on social media and results from the ad campaign. It delivered 5.33 million impressions with a .21% Click Thru Rate (CTR), exceeding the Google Display benchmark
by 0.06%.

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