Sentara Brock Cancer Center

Sentara Brock Cancer Center opened in Norfolk, Virginia in 2020, with a promise to transform the way cancer is treated today — and in the future. The state-of-the-art facility is the regional hub of the Sentara Cancer Network, which coordinates highly skilled physicians, healthcare specialists and researchers as they work to better understand cancer, detect it earlier, and treat it more effectively. Red Orange Studio was engaged to help introduce the new facility to the community and position it as a destination for hope and healing.

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Creative Approach

While Sentara has a very strong brand already, the goal with designing for the Sentara Brock Cancer Center was to stay within guidelines while creating a wow moment that spoke to the vision for what the center would deliver to patients and their families. As much as there was a need to educate and inform about the products and services available, Sentara also wanted to convey a warmth and feeling of community and togetherness.

* Compliance level rating upon delivery.

Sentara Brock Cancer Center Red Orange Studio Portfolio Ads Mockup
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A design style was created to emphasize that Sentara Brock Cancer Center was a beacon of hope, and place where innovation and collaboration lived as Sentara worked to improve cancer care, together with partners AND those they cared for. A website was built to house information, blogs, news and help visitors to the campus feel comfortable even before stepping foot through the doors. Digital ads and collateral materials were also designed to help spread the word throughout the community.

Sentara Brock Cancer Center Red Orange Studio Portfolio Photography
Sentara Brock Cancer Center Red Orange Studio Portfolio Photography
Sentara Brock Cancer Center Red Orange Studio Portfolio Photography


Sentara Brock Cancer Center continues to grow its programs and services, and Red Orange Studio continues to support them through ongoing enhancements to the website. Red Orange is also now engaged in other projects for Sentara Cancer services. It’s an ongoing conversation and active partnership that is sure to build in the years to come.