The Doorways

The Doorways is a hospitality house that provides lodging and support for patients and their loved ones who need to be close to the hospital but not far from the feeling of “home.”

We created a brand awareness campaign entitled “Inside the Doorways” that built upon their brand guidelines, highlighting the experience shared when you visit The Doorways, whether as a guest or a volunteer. The concept worked in various applications because it provided both literal and figurative messaging opportunities and it differentiated the organization from competition.

Our creative team worked collaboratively, expanding the campaign to include landing web pages, videos, direct mail and various digital ad placements that targeting various audiences — volunteers, patients, and donors. We continue to evolve the theme and plan to redesign the organization’s website by consolidating the storytelling created through the campaign.

Creative Services

Print and Digital Ads
Organic Social
Brand Collateral
Environmental Graphics
Website Design & Development

Client Background and Goals

The Doorways came to Red Orange through our strategy partner, Brand Federation. They were in need of a creative partner to help them execute a brand awareness campaign in preparation for their Capital Campaign and 40th anniversary, which we are currently beginning to implement. In addition we were able to help them with a marketing strategy which outlined more tactics to align with their goals, including a new website design.

The Doorways Animated Laptop

Collaborative Approach

We worked in partnership with the organization’s Executive Director, Communications Manager and Chief Philanthropy Officer to implement the marketing and brand strategy through various tactics. Bi-weekly in-person meetings were crucial to building a chemistry and cadence for all the layered timelines and initiatives. Part of getting to know the organization included our team visiting the location and volunteering to cook dinner for their guests.

The Doorways Billboard Mockup
The Doorways 300x600 px
The Doorways 300x250 px


After some research and a brand audit, we were able to design a microsite for their campaign that incorporated an expanded color palette and patient videos to tell the story of their impact.

The Doorways Social Media Mockups
The Doorways iPad Mockup


Recent campaign results delivered 5,136 impressions and 5,536 clicks to the campaign landing page. Our YouTube video had an uncommonly high view completed rate – 80.5% of viewers completed the full video.