UVA Facilities Management

Since its founding in 1819, UVA has grown into a nationally-recognized undergraduate student body of over 16,500 in 2018. To oversee and care for the university, UVA founded Facilities Management, now the university’s largest employer with a diverse team of over 1,200 people. From grounds keeping to architecture to in-house construction, UVA Facilities Management faithfully serves university students, staff, faculty, researchers and the larger Charlottesville community.

UVA’s Facilities Management team came to Red Orange with a vision: a colorful, visually stunning annual report that would tell their story, showcase their people, their commitment to sustainable management and growth, the diverse breadth of their capabilities and all the many ways they contribute to the university’s success.

UVA Cover Content
Red Orange Studio | UVA Flat Pages Mockup

Collaborative Approach

Our teams worked together exceptionally throughout the process with ongoing and efficient communication from start to finish. The Facilities Management team produced the framework for their report, providing us the copy and other content, individual employee profiles as well as hand selected images for each section. However, they leaned on Red Orange for the design expertise to turn their vision into a reality. The Red Orange team was able to take the content provided and transform it into a visual outlet for Facilities Management to demonstrate its caliber as a world-class organization driven to support the university, the community and the world.

Red Orange Studio | UVA Annual Report Mockup


The book design theme was crafted to meet the goals of the annual report and reflect the core values of Facilities Management, such as excellence, diversity and community. The cover quote from Thomas Jefferson specifically resonated and spoke to the idea of the village behind the university, as Facilities Management is comprised of many intertwining teams all united by the same goal of caring for the facilities and maintaining the university. To visually depict the data and information provided, Red Orange created a number of infographics, illustrations and other design elements that would fit in with their existing brand guidelines but still make a visual impact. To preserve university history, architectural blueprints and historical documents were also incorporated into the layout to work in conjunction with the modern design.


UVA Facilities Management ended up with a bright, glowing annual report that they could share with their internal departments at UVA, the university president, their student body and even other universities. Along with their physical report, Facilities Management also received digital and accessible versions they could share online on their website. With the completion of this annual report, UVA Facilities Management can now show in one comprehensive document their commitment to their mission: creating and caring for the physical environment in which those who seek enlightenment, knowledge, health and productive lives can flourish.