Weller Insurance

Red Orange Studio partnered with the owner of a regional insurance agency on the Weller Insurance Rebrand. The company was experiencing brand confusion and wanted to clearly communicate the value and create a unified visual identity for its two entities – Weller & Associates Insurance and AgRisk Management. With distinct audiences, and separate websites, the two entities seemed disjointed which was causing brand confusion. The Red Orange team helped develop a cohesive and clear brand strategy to successfully rebrand both entities under the new name, Weller Insurance.

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RedOrangeStudio WellerIns WebsiteDesignResponsiveMockup2

Solid Brand Strategy Sets Stage for Website Refresh

With a clear and compelling brand strategy, and a fresh new visual identity, Weller Insurance embarked on a website refresh with the Red Orange team. The WordPress website is saturated with new brand elements, unique iconography and custom photography. It’s designed with the user experience in mind, providing valuable information in a way that meets the needs of customers and prospects.

RedOrangeStudio WellerIns LogoDesign

Weller Insurance Rebrand

The brand strategy team at Red Orange gathered research, interviewed stakeholders, helped identify key differentiators, clarified the messaging, developed audience personas and crafted core values. These foundational statements established a solid brand messaging strategy for Weller Insurance.

The company’s visual identity was formed out of a graphic representation of a cotyledon (seed leaf), surrounded by a shield to represent trustworthiness and security. The symmetric design ties back to the strong foundation and history of Weller Insurance.

RedOrangeStudio WellerIns LogoDesign2

Marketing Collateral and Content Strategy Support Rebrand

Following the Weller Insurance rebrand, visual identity and website creation, the Red Orange team developed a comprehensive brand toolkit including stationery, tradeshow graphics, ad templates and social media graphics. In addition, we developed a content marketing plan that enabled the client to leverage their email newsletter and organic social media efforts in a more strategic way.

Weller Print Ad mockups
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RedOrangeStudio WellerIns BusinessCardDesignMockup
RedOrangeStudio WellerIns BannerDesignMockup