Our CEO, Susie Fife, spoke to eager young high schoolers in January 2017.


What did you do?red-orange-studio-speaking-to-students

I volunteered in January 2017 to speak with Manchester High School Students, and it was such a great experience. I love sharing my story and insight on the creative industry with bright, young students. I had the opportunity to speak to a small (but big-hearted) group of students who receive focused instruction from some pretty amazing teachers. The group was very participatory and asked lots of great questions as I shared with them all about careers in marketing and brand development.


What did you speak about?

We talked about the vast job descriptions in the creative industry and how creative talents really can be used for a career if you know how to do it right. We talked about the importance of a brand story and great design. We had fun talking about how colors, fonts and style play into a good (or bad!) brand. It was fun to get out some of my old college books on color theory and typography to show them what they may learn if they decide to study graphic design or advertising communications after high school.


What will you take away from this experience?

A friend of mine has been teaching these students with special needs for over 18 years and invited me to conduct one of her career classes. Mentoring and relating to young people is a passion of mine and this opportunity was such a blessing. My hope is that these bright students walked away from that class knowing that they are valuable and that there are endless opportunities out there for them. And one really tall artist-business-owner out here really believes they are going to do great things.