Creativity. It’s a buzzword we begin to hear long before we even know what it means.  From playing with sidewalk chalk to building castles in the sand, we are introduced to the idea of creativity as children. We are encouraged to create and play by our elders, allowing our little minds to be stimulated and take shape. And then, as we grow up, it seems to stop.


Being creative is no longer a part of our daily routine for many people. Our favorite activities take a backseat as our focus shifts to raising families, running businesses and being contributing members of society. However, we’re here to tell you that creativity never dies nor should it be forgotten. In fact, creativity is a tool that can and should be used throughout your life. It is simply a muscle (that we all have!) — and, like all muscles, it requires a little bit of exercise.

Red Orange Studio | Creativity Muscles

Before we dive into the benefits of creativity, it’s important to mention that creativity is not exclusive to just artists (Yes, we are looking at you in the blue suit in the boardroom!) While the definition of creativity may vary from person to person, everyone is creative in their own right. Some folks are just more tapped into their creativity than others. That’s because they exercise their creative muscles more often!


Here are three reasons to tap into your own creativity, personally and professionally:


1. Creativity helps reduce stress.

When’s the last time you colored outside the lines or danced like no one was watching?  No rules. No deadlines. No budgets. When you allow yourself the space and grace to act without inhibition, you experience a sense of childlike freedom that actually reduces stress. Even if it’s just for five minutes, find a way to disconnect and tap into your imagination so that you aren’t pouring from an empty cup.


2. Creativity boosts engagement.

Are you struggling to connect with a colleague, a client or with your team? Try a creative team building event (like our Creativity Kit!). You’ll be surprised how many people enjoy a light-hearted activity. Not only does it help break up the minutia of the day-to-day, but it also gives your team the opportunity to let their guard down, be their authentic selves and connect over a little bit fun. Mom always said it’s good to share your toys!


3. Creativity inspires innovation.

Have you ever plateaued in your business or professional life? It’s easy to get comfortable in old routines. It’s what we know, and it has clearly worked up to this point. However, in order to achieve what hasn’t been done before, you have to do what hasn’t been done before. Creativity helps us think outside the box. When you challenge your old habits, bias and rules, you begin to see from different perspectives. This will help you disrupt the status quo and innovate with a refreshed mentality.


Want to learn how you can be more creative? Join us for our virtual Coffee & Conversations on Thursday, April 23! This discussion will cover the benefits of using creativity, and how we practice it personally and professionally. We’ll also dive into the many other ways you can tap into your own creativity to reduce anxiety and foster connection during this time of isolation due to COVID-19. Reserve your spot below!