Alex Georghiou Frankart

Web Art Director

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A Client-Minded Creator
Alex Georghiou Frankart enters each day with practically endless energy and enthusiasm. She’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and dig in to advocate for her clients — in fact, it’s one of the things she loves most about her job. She sees herself as a member of every clients’ team and always strives to make them feel heard and valued. Alex is focused and determined — working until the job is done, and done right.

Hybrid at Heart
A graduate of Old Dominion University, Alex earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a dual concentration in Graphic Design and Illustration. Flexible, nimble, and always eager to learn, she’s worked in various positions at multiple marketing and design agencies. As a result, she has a unique hybrid skillset — blending a passion for strategic design and website architecture with a dedication to creating positive outcomes for her clients.

Nerd Alert
Alex is a self-professed nerd. She loves every phase of website creation and endeavors to share that passion with her team and clients. She has invested time and energy into adding to her skillset — diving into the world of Front-End Development via SheCodes and completing an in-depth Udemy User Experience (UX) & Web Design Master Course. As a result, Alex has an extensive understanding of what makes websites successful and can often be found collaborating with teammates in all phases of a website build.

Coffee and Creativity
While most of Alex’s daytime focus is on digital projects, in her off-time she paints watercolor portraits for freelance clients. She loves donating portraits to local non-profits as auction gifts and capturing special moments and memories for her family and friends. When she’s not painting, she can usually be found on the couch with her floofs, reading a good book and enjoying a cup of coffee in a sassy mug.

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