Amy Boze

Account Manager

Amy Boze | Account Manager at Red Orange Studio

Type A Creative
With the perfect balance between right brain creativity and left brain methodology, Amy Boze navigates the journey from start to finish as an Account Manager at Red Orange Studio. She expertly guides both client and team, setting expectations, providing clarity and delivering results. Amy’s role is not just about managing accounts; it’s about fostering relationships, understanding client visions, and translating them into actionable plans for the team. Her penchant for curiosity allows her to speak the language of client and creative – helping to build connections and accomplish goals. She lives by this quote by Leo Burnett, “Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.”

Details, Details, Details
If you are not prepared for your next meeting, then you can’t possibly be working with Amy. Known as the Agenda Queen, Amy is adept at making sure both the team and the clients are prepared for a meeting — and that they walk away with clear expectations and action items. Not only that, but she is also the person who never lets you forget a deadline. Her ability to keep projects on track while maintaining a keen eye for detail is unmatched. If you could peek inside Amy’s brain, we think it might look like a room full of busy little librarians carefully restocking shelves in precise order and hushing all the talkative patrons who are distracting the serious readers.

A Nurturing Nature Has No Boundaries
While Amy serves as Chief Mom Officer of her accounts at Red Orange, she is also mother to a four-year-old daughter, Charlotte, and a dog named Spike. Her husband Trey introduced her to NASCAR and they are becoming a car enthusiast family. Amy also enjoys planning events, a skill that has no work-life boundaries. In fact, her passion for planning extends to meal prepping and organizing her family calendar—all in pencil, of course. One of her favorite events that she attends as a volunteer is A Night To Shine, which is a prom for individuals with special needs hosted by the Tim Tebow Foundation. With a penchant for building LEGO flowers, Amy appreciates the beauty that comes from assembling things piece by piece, mirroring her approach to both work and life.