Clair Lloyd

Account Manager

Red Orange Studio | Clair Lloyd, Project Manager

From Healthcare to Client Care
Clair started her career in healthcare, working in a variety of roles in the clinical setting and obtaining her master’s in public health. With a strong desire to care for people, and a growing skillset in project management, Clair is a natural fit at Red Orange where she takes care of clients and teammates, helping to ensure that projects are moving along smoothly. She spends most of her day managing budgets, timelines and tasks. Clair is an approachable person with a warm-hearted presence and a genuine desire to create a positive impact.

Getting Stuff Done
At Red Orange, Clair has a reputation for handling whatever is thrown her way — with a smile. She’s the type of person who enjoys decluttering a closet or sorting data in an Excel spreadsheet, which makes her the perfect fit for managing complex projects with shifting due dates and multiple tasks. Her attention to detail is a blessing to clients and the team. Clair also enjoys the challenge of solving problems nobody else has been able to tackle – like creating a more streamlined process for working with freelancers or developing a template for documenting project specs. You know, the really fun stuff!

There’s More to Clair Than Spreadsheets
When she’s not organizing everything in her path, Clair likes to hang out with her dog named Boomer. She’s also a bookworm who loves a good nonfiction story. Clair starts her Sunday mornings watching Formula 1 racing, and occasionally indulges in reality TV!