Theresa Ceniccola

Vice President & Chief Operations Officer

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Relationships and Results: The Value of Red Orange Partnership
Red Orange’s Vice President and COO, Theresa Ceniccola is a masterful writer, communicator and marketing strategist and has spent years honing these skills to equip clients with compelling messaging and effective tactics. While the rest of the team is making sure the design is on brand and the technology works flawlessly, Theresa is focused on the results – she’s monitoring and measuring to make sure every project is meeting client goals. A valuable asset and strong advocate for honest and consistent communication, Theresa sees herself as an extension of her client’s marketing team and enjoys thriving client relationships that have endured more than two decades.

The Roadmap to Success
An exceptional listener with a questioning attitude, Theresa dives beneath the surface to discover what the client truly wants – and thoughtfully maps out the perfect way to get there. Addicted to structure, Theresa is constantly ensuring projects are on time and within budget.

Theresa is a Penn State alumnus with more than 28 years of writing, marketing strategy and consulting experience in multiple industries, including healthcare, finance, the arts and higher education. Prior to joining Red Orange Studio, Theresa owned her own business as a writer and marketing consultant for 23 years. From copywriting to digital marketing to brand engagement, Theresa is constantly learning and growing her professional skills, always aiming to reach brand goals and exceed client expectations.

Community Oriented
The world is a better place with Theresa in it! A mother of three, Theresa spent years as a Girl Scout troop leader and serves on the board of directors for Girls on the Run, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering young girls to be joyful, healthy and confident. An avid outdoor enthusiast with several triathlons under her belt, Theresa carries over these values to her work to provide an encouraging and uplifting atmosphere for her clients and the Red Orange team.