Melissa Dolly

Senior Web Developer

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A Career Focused on Customer Satisfaction

Melissa joined Red Orange Studio after years of being a successful web development freelancer and has over a decade of experience working on complex WordPress sites. Joining the team meant even more growth opportunities… and an even greater platform to use her talents to benefit others. Melissa’s goal: to take the stress out of web development. She has a wonderful talent for creating clean, efficient code. Her manner with people is warm and collaborative, and she always tries to conduct herself with honesty and integrity while being empathetic and compassionate about her client’s needs and circumstances.

Driven By a Desire to Help

Personally and professionally, everything Melissa does is driven by a desire to help others. When she’s able to help a client be successful and reach their goals, the feeling she has is pure joy. And anytime she has the chance to work with a nonprofit is a bonus! To be a part of helping organizations realize their mission is a beautiful thing.

Getting Personal

When Melissa isn’t being a web-dev guru, you can still find her seeking out information and researching new ideas because she has a curiosity and thirst for learning that can’t be quenched. You might also catch her doing yoga, playing trivia or being a momager for her 3 cats who have their own Instagram!