Kim Moss

Business Development Director

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Building Relationships, One Phone Call at a Time

After spending 5 minutes talking with Kim, you’ll probably feel like you’ve known her for years. It’s that vibrant optimism and devotion to the hustle that give Kim her edge when working with clients to find the perfect design solution for whatever they bring her way. A true extrovert, she’s always been passionate about creating long-lasting, sincere relationships – so don’t be surprised if she sends you a friendly message out of the blue!

Keeping Red Orange Business Casual

As Business Development Director, Kim spends her time developing and nurturing relationships with prospective clients, as well as potential partnerships that can help Red Orange make a bigger impact for our clients, as well as in our community. Before coming to Red Orange, Kim enjoyed an entrepreneurial career owning and operating a successful professional photography studio located in Hampton Roads, VA.

Where In The World is Kim Moss?

Kim is always on the run – literally. With almost 50 half marathons and eight full marathons under her belt, Kim’s energy is unmatched! When she’s off the clock, you can probably find Kim hanging out with her two sons or testing out the newest flavors with her friends at her favorite local brewery.