Lauryn Fauntroy

Junior Designer

Red Orange Studio | Lauryn Fauntroy, Junior Designer

A Talent of Her Own
Coming from a family of right-brained people, Lauryn has always known her knack for creativity was unique. Her mother, a pediatrician, is a role model who motivates her to use her talent to help others. Lauryn also surrounds herself with creative friends who constantly push her beyond her comfort zone and encourage her to take pride in her work.

Winning Design
Lauryn began her journey at Red Orange as a graphic design intern through our HBCU partnership with Virginia State University. She immediately fit right in with the team and began to create impact for clients. One of her most notable accomplishments was designing the logo for Rich Wine, a wine delivery service based in Richmond, as part of the PIP Project. Lauryn’s design was selected by the client from several options presented by the team. Her outstanding design and illustration work and exceptional attitude earned her a full-time spot as a junior designer at Red Orange.

In any project, Lauryn puts the needs of her clients first. One of her strengths is developing a system that will help achieve her client’s goals and target the appropriate audience. She is also adept to keeping consistency throughout a branding system and generating solutions to specific design problems.

Lauryn’s work is backed by a strong moral compass. She values creativity, integrity and positivity in the workplace. She believes these values curate healthy relationships among her coworkers and clients and allow her to help others.

For the Love of Sloths
In her free time, Lauryn enjoys spending time with her Maltese named Maximus. She even took up crochet to handmake blankets for her dog. Lauryn has a passion for sticker making, and she appreciates a trip to the art museum where she can expand her knowledge and be inspired. A fun fact about Lauryn is that she is obsessed with sloths. She owns way too many sloth items, including an adorable sloth mug and a sloth tapestry. Because sloths are an endangered species, Lauryn actively donates to sanctuaries to protect them. Nobody was more excited to welcome the Virginia Zoo as one of our clients!