Haley Hollenbach

Art Director

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Visual Problem Solver
Haley Hollenbach brings impeccable page layout and timeless design to each project, served with a smile. She spends her days circulating ideas with clients and interpreting their visions to craft powerful designs for brands, print and web. What sets Haley apart is her honest dedication to listening to each clients’ wants and needs, and then bringing those ideas to life! From annual reports to brochures to web design, Haley brings deep consideration and strategic thinking into every design. Even on her most hectic days, Haley’s clients can trust in her ability to gauge a busy schedule, prioritize and meet tight deadlines without sacrificing quality work — usually exceeding their expectations! Offering her simple, clean design aesthetic, Haley also has a knack for effortlessly providing her clients with a pleasant and customized experience from start to finish.

She’s Got the Perspectives That Matter
A VCU graduate, Haley earned her BFA in Communication Arts and Design and has spent the last 16 years working in both agency and in-house positions, equipping her with the expertise to design with multiple perspectives in mind so her clients can meet their goals. Haley’s experience working in the university and academic sector allowed her to further grow and refine her design skills until she transitioned into the Red Orange team in 2017.

Bringing the World Back to Richmond
An avid globetrotter, Haley travels internationally at least once a year (with a recent affinity for European ventures)! She often volunteers her many talents to local organizations near to her heart, such as West End Presbyterian Church and Common Good RVA. In her off time, you can find Haley porch-sitting with her furry companion and a cup of coffee, appreciating the Richmond scenery.