Alison Robertson

Senior Graphic Designer

Red Orange Studio | Alison Robertson
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Living Her Dream of Being an Artist

Ever since Alison was little, she wanted to be an artist. When she chose to follow her love of art into a career as a graphic designer, she found a path that channeled her creative spirit while also fulfilling her desire to help others and make a difference. Today she absolutely loves what she does and can’t imagine doing anything else… something not all of her friends can say!

Alison’s Approach to Design

Good design starts with a conversation and truly taking the time to listen to her clients, digging into their goals, personality and style. As the relationship builds, Alison finds she can better solve design problems and tell stories visually for her clients. She also takes the time to walk through an entire project process and explains the nuances, giving her clients the confidence in her to deliver. If her contributions result in a happy and successful client, that’s all the motivation she needs to keep the creativity rolling!

This approach and point-of-view is something Alison has grown and refined through her past agency experience as an UX / UI designer for an on-demand yoga class application company, an assistant design editor at Collegiate Times at Virginia Tech, as well as time spent as a freelance designer. Having worked in a variety of professional environments means Alison has a strong work ethic, is able to juggle bigger projects while also moving the needle on smaller tasks and is adept at thinking and executing on ideas quickly without missing a beat!

The Softer Side

When Alison isn’t bringing client dreams to life, she loves listening to music – and misses the live music scene very much! She is also a proud cat mom with two cats named after famous musicians Stevie (Stevie Nicks) & Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix).