Natasha Parker

Senior Account Manager

Red Orange Studio | Natasha Parker, Account Manager

From corporate to creative

After years of working in a corporate environment, Natasha took a leap of faith joining Red Orange and experiencing life on the agency side. One thing she enjoys most is the fun, energetic atmosphere. She appreciates that her teammates help curate a flexible and relaxed environment, yet accountability and integrity are still maintained. Natasha believes that trust is necessary to produce quality work — and she found that in her teammates at Red Orange. (The feeling is mutual!)

Structured, yet flexible

Governed by routine, Natasha is a product of a structured environment.  But as life teaches all of us, change is the only constant. So Natasha thrives on creating structure while remaining nimble and flexible — constantly adapting to meet the needs of client schedules and unexpected shifts. One thing she loves about her work is that no two days are quite the same! Her ability to adapt to these changes is part of what makes her such a valuable member of our team.

She’s ON IT

Natasha has a knack for knowing what you need before you ask. She anticipates client requests as well as questions from the creative team and is always one step ahead of us. She has a great business acumen, which helps her understand clients. And an eye for creativity, which is essential in agency life. If you open your mouth to speak and realize that she’s saying exactly what you were going to say — that’s normal. It’s a little bizarre actually, but we’re grateful for her!

Staying active

When Natasha’s not working, her son, Stone, keeps her busy. She enjoys exploring beaches and trails with him and believes time in nature nourishes the soul. She keeps sane and fit by weight-training, running and doing CrossFit.